Welcome to Pollpay

by Karen.

If you have signed up, thanks, if not please do so now (after you have read this blog piece.

We are a survey company for the 21st century. We believe fewer and fewer people (anyone?) have time to complete long surveys. And fewer and fewer people have the time to look at lengthy market research reports.

Our motto “why prevaricate when a direct question will do” has dictated our approach to questionnaires. Wouldn’t everyone prefer to be checking their Facebook page, on twitter or playing with the kids? Micro Surveys, Nano polls, quick polls, real time research, call it what you will, but it is the future of market research and we have lots of them.

Our surveys are short, usually take less than a minute or two to complete .

We believe in rewarding everyone fairly for their time – all surveys that you see, you will qualify for and get paid for and you will never be screened out without payment for your time, that seems only fair to us.

So if you haven’t signed up please do so now, we look forward to hearing your opinion.