Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully

To become a member of PollPay you must register and provide true and accurate information during the registration process.

PollPay will pay you for each Micro Survey that you complete, unless it is stated that there is no payment associated with that survey.

The amounts paid will vary according to the complexity of the survey and the number of questions that are included in the survey.

PollPay reserves the right to close any account if it believes that the information that you provide is incorrect.

PollPay reserves the right to close any account if it the member has indicated to his email provider that our email is spam.

Only one PollPay account is permitted per person.

Each member must provide a unique email address that will be used to contact you when a survey is available and for the login process.

Payment will be made to members via a paypal account when £10 has been earned through the completion of surveys. No partial payments will be made and sign up bonuses will only be paid when £10 has been earned through the completion of surveys.

Members of PollPay will be notified by email when a Micro Survey becomes available.

Surveys are only live for a short period of time and will disappear should you not respond in time. No payment will be made for visiting PollPay after the end of surveys.

If you no longer wish to be a member, you can notify PollPay by email at the support link at the bottom of this page. PollPay will cease to contact you after a 7 day administration period.

Upon membership termination, any accumulated earnings below the required payment threshold will be forfeited.

All surveys must be answered honestly. If we have good reason to believe surveys are being answered fraudulently, carelessly, randomly or otherwise inappropriately the following actions may occur:

  • Your will not be paid for that survey
  • Your account may be closed forfeiting your PollPay balance
Members agree that PollPay may suspend or terminate your membership should any of these Terms and Conditions be breached or should you remain inactive on the website and unresponsive to emails for 6 months.